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Our Classes

Snap One Photography

Introduction to Photography

This course provides comprehensive instruction on achieving properly exposed photographs using DSLR cameras, covering Manual mode, Aperture and Shutter Priority modes, as well as the roles of other functions.

Advanced Photography

Participants in this 90-minute professional workshop will learn how to expertly use white and gold reflectors to enhance lighting on a subject's face, highlighting shadowed areas.

Graphic Design

This professional one-on-one Digital Media course offers instruction in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, covering basic tools and program selection based on individual needs.

“I had a fantastic experience learning photography from James in the Intro to Photography course. His expertise and passion for the subject were truly inspiring, and his personalized approach made the learning process enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend James as an instructor for anyone looking to improve their photography skills.”

Jane Miller


SnapOne! Photography

The SnapOne! Photography and Digital Media program is a top-notch offering for experienced photographers, aspiring professionals, and hobbyists looking to enhance their skills in DSLR photography and post-production techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. 

Snap One Photography


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